Does Brita Remove Lead from Water?

Does Brita Remove Lead from Water

Brita water filters are trusted to clear out contaminants, but does Brita remove lead from water?


Brita removes 99% of lead from water, making it one of the most effective water filters available.

Specifically, the Brita Longlast filter removes lead contamination. Standard Brita filters do not.

Knowing that most water supplies in the U.S. have lead in them, it’s important to have a water filter brand you can trust.

Brita is a household name for a reason. Need new filters?

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How Do We Know Brita is Effective?

We do water quality and water filter research on a daily basis to be sure you have the best water possible.

Here are two good resources for comparing water filter quality:

Want to Learn More About Lead?

Here is a selection of articles:

Conclusion: Does Brita Remove Lead from Water?

Yes, it does. Its water filters are effective at removing 99% of lead from your drinking water.

Is it the best at filtering ALL contaminants? That’s a different story, but you can find out more by searching the WaterBadge site:

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