Berkey Filter Vs. Brita

Berkey Filter vs Brita

How do Berkey filters compare to Brita filters?

Which one cleans water better?

Let’s look at the match-up: Berkey Filter vs Brita.

Do Berkey and Brita Remove Viruses?

Berkey filters remove more than 99.99% of viruses in water.

Brita filters do not remove viruses.

Point to Berkey: +1

Do Berkey and Brita Remove Fluoride?

Brita has not published information regarding fluoride filtration.

Berkey filters remove fluoride with a PF-2 filter attachment.

Point to Berkey: +1

Berkey Filter vs Brita: Atrazine

Atrazine is a weed killing herbicide that often makes it into our water supply.

In fact, 89 of the 788 cities we’ve studied have Atrazine in their water supply.

Both Brita and Berkey filter out Atrazine, but have different effectiveness:

  • Brita filters 92% of atrazine.
  • Berkey filters more than 99.99% of atrazine.

Point to Berkey: +1

Do They Both Filter Lead?

Yes, they do. And they’re both very good at it.

Brita filters out 99% of lead from water.

Berkey filters out more than 99.99% of lead.

Points: More or less a draw.

More information on Lead here.

How Do Brita and Berkey Compare on Price?

If you look at the sticker price for each filter, you might assume that Brita costs less than Berkey.

This seems true since a Brita pitcher costs less than $30. (Amazon link)

And a Big Berkey costs over $350.

However, to get the real cost of each, we need to look at the price-per-gallon:

  • Big Berkey filters last for 6000 gallons or 2 cents per gallon.
  • Brita filters last for 100 gallons or 20 cents per gallon.

Berkey is 60 times longer-lasting than Brita.

That means fewer trips to the store for filters and less time thinking about whether your filter is doing its job.

Point to Berkey: +1

Conclusion: Berkey Filter vs Brita

Which Filter Should You Buy?

For our money, we would go with a Berkey.

  • They last longer.
  • They cost less per gallon.
  • They’re made out of stainless steel.
  • They use a lot fewer plastic filters.

For More Information on Berkey, go to
Take Control of Your Water with Berkey Filters

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