Will a Brita Filter Remove Chlorine?

Will Brita Filter Remove Chlorine

Yes, standard Brita filters and Longlast Brita filters remove chlorine from drinking water.

Both filter types are effective up to 99%.

They remove the taste and odor of chlorine.

Standard Brita Filters vs. Longlast Filters

Which type of filter should you use?

Since both filter types remove chlorine, what is the benefit of the Longlast filter?

Brita Longlast filters:

  • Last 3 times longer than standard filters
  • Filter out Lead up to 99%.
  • Reduce Benzene and Asbestos

How much more do Longlast filters cost?

A 2-count standard Brita filter box costs $12.49. (Current pricing in 2022)

A 2-count Longlast Brita filter box costs $28.60.

That’s an increase of $16.11, a little more than double.

However, we need to consider that the Longlast filter lasts 3 times longer.

This fact alone makes them the better purchase.

Are Brita Filters the Most Effective Chlorine Filters?

These filters are up there, but they’re not the best.

The top spot for chlorine filtration belongs to Berkey Filters. They remove up to 99.99% of chlorine from drinking water.

That extra 0.99% may not seem like much, but could mean the difference between your water tasting like chlorine or not.

Conclusion: Will Brita Filter Remove Chlorine?

Yes! Both types of Brita filters, Longlast and Standard, will remove chlorine.

You can feel secure using a Brita filter for this job.


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