How to Remove Lead in Water

How to Remove Lead in Water

There are two main ways to remove lead in water:

  1. At a city level with the replacement of corroding lead pipes.
  2. At a household level with activated carbon filters.

The first option is a high level infrastructure problem that absolutely needs to be addressed.

However, the amount of time, energy, and money required is high.

While we wait, we can take action and clean up the water we use in our homes.

Step 1: Get a Good Filter

Filtering the lead out of your water isn’t as simple as filling a Brita or PUR pitcher.

It would be great if those low-cost, short-term solutions were the answer.

No need to fear, though.

For less money overall, you can filter 99.9% of the lead out of your water. Just use a Berkey Filter.

Why a Berkey Filter?

  1. They last years not months. Two years at a minimum for regular household use.
  2. You’re unlikely to break them (they’re stainless steel).
  3. They filter out way more contaminants than Brita and PUR. (We’ve studied this. Check out any of the 788 U.S. cities we’ve done a water quality report for.)

Do they cost more?

The initial cost is higher than a pitcher, but costs over time decrease dramatically.

  • You’re not replacing a plastic filter every 40 gallons.
  • Instead, you’re replacing the Berkey carbon filter every 3,000 gallons.

Step 2: Enjoy Years of Lead-Free Water

It’s as simple as that. Filter your water through a high quality system and you can rest easy.

Want to Find Out What Else Is In Your Water?

Use the search bar to see what contaminants are in your city’s water. We’ll show you how to remove them, too.



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