Is Lead in Water Bad for You?

Is Lead in Water Bad For You

Yes. Lead in water is bad for you. It can cause a variety of health issues in people of all ages.

The most vulnerable are children and the elderly.

Lead poisoning has lead to government action regarding acceptable lead levels:

  • Governments must take action if lead contamination levels reach 15 parts per billion. (

Specifically, infants and children under the age of 6 aren’t physically able to process lead as well as adults.

  • Lead concentrations of 3.9 parts per billion to 15 parts per billion “put a formula-fed baby at risk of elevated blood lead levels.” (Source: Environmental Working Group)

There is no safe level of lead for humans.

Effects of Lead in Water

Lead poisoning can present itself in many different ways. The most obvious show up in children under 6 due to their smaller size and processing abilities:

  1. Abdominal Pain
  2. Developmental Delay
  3. Learning Difficulties
  4. Fatigue
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Irritability
  7. Hearing Loss.

These are signs you should be looking for if you suspect there is lead in your drinking water.

If you have any suspicions, contact your local water utility and request a lead test and information.

How Do You Remove Lead?

The fastest, simplest way is to use water filters.

Many household filters are very effective at reducing and removing lead:

Take Control of Your Water with Berkey Filters

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