7 Symptoms of Lead in Water

Symptoms of Lead in Water

Today we’re going to look at 7 symptoms of lead in water.

You may already know that lead in a city’s water supply has dangerous side effects.

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan brought this devastating issue to our national awareness.

However, knowing what to look for regarding lead contamination isn’t always clear.

First, we’ll look at symptoms in the most vulnerable members of the population: babies and children under 6.

Symptom 1: Abdominal Pain

Even at low exposure levels, abdominal pain from lead poisoning can quickly become apparent.

Small bodies have a much harder time filtering out toxic chemicals than larger adult bodies.

Symptom 2: Developmental Delay

Lead poisoning in children can cause a failure to thrive in young children. As their bodies attempt to filter out the heavy metal, they have less energy left to grow and develop.

Symptom 3: Learning Difficulties

For every increase of 1 microgram per deciliter of lead in the blood, researchers saw a decrease of one IQ point. (ewg.org)

Compounded over time with long-term exposure and children can have life-changing disabilities.

Symptom 4: Fatigue

This symptom is related to the developmental delays of Symptom 2. If a child’s blood is contaminated with lead, everything slows down.

Their ability to function normally is degraded.

Symptom 5: Weight Loss

Filtering out lead takes a lot of energy. It can also affect the absorption of nutrients.

This can lead to weight loss.

Symptom 6: Irritability

Imagine having to constantly fight off a deadly chemical while trying to learn, develop, and have a normal life.

You would be irritable, too.

Symptom 7: Hearing Loss

Lead poisoning has been shown to affect hearing in young children.

Lead Poisoning in Adults

Adults have fully developed bodies and immune systems. Because of this, they have a better chance of filtering out toxins.

However, lead poisoning builds up over time with few clues that it’s doing damage.

Here is a bulleted list of adult lead poisoning symptoms after long-term exposure:

  • High blood pressure
  • Joint pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Memory issues
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Miscarriage

How to Get Rid of Lead in Your Drinking Water

First, most cities in the U.S. have unsafe levels of lead.

Lead makes its way into city water systems from corroding lead pipes. This plumbing wears down over time, releasing more and more lead.

Removing lead at the household level is straightforward:

  1. Test for lead contamination first.
  2. Purchase a good activated carbon filter system.

Testing for Lead

To see if you have lead in your water, do a water quality search from Berkey filters:

Water Quality Search

You can also order home test kits via the EPA’s website:

Lead Test Kits

Or go to your local Lowe’s or similar home improvement store. They should have lead test kits in stock.

Removing Lead

Once you confirm that you have lead contamination, you can remove 99.9% of it fairly easily.

It’s as simple as ordering a Berkey water filter.

Berkey Filters:

  • Work better than Brita and PUR
  • Last longer than water pitchers
  • Fit easily on a kitchen counter
  • Provide security for years of water use
  • Reduce plastic pollution – They’re stainless steel.

Drink Better Water with Berkey Filters

Berkey has regular sales on their systems. By using the banner or links above, you can protect your family, your pets, and yourself.

Note: We may receive a commission if you decide to purchase a Berkey filter.

Want to Learn More About Your Home Water Quality?

Use the search bar to view a water quality report for your city:


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