Is There Lead in Seattle Water?

Lead in Seattle Water

Yes, there is lead in Seattle water.

Levels of lead were last tested in 2019. 52 lead samples were taken. (

The highest lead contamination level in Seattle water was found to be 5.5 ppb (parts per billion).

The maximum legal limit for lead is 15 parts per billion.

How Can I Tell If There’s Lead in the Water?

Lead is odorless, colorless, and flavorless.

The only ways to tell that lead is present are:

  1. Through testing.
  2. From experiencing long-term health effects.


We rely on the results published by the Environmental Working Group. They are an invaluable resource for water quality information around the United States.

Health Effects

Lead poisoning can lead to serious negative health consequences. This is particularly true for children under age 6.

Some common lead poisoning symptoms in young children are:

  1. Abdominal pain
  2. Learning difficulties
  3. Fatigue
  4. Weight loss
  5. Irritability

Health effects in adults are less severe, but still a cause for concern.

How to Remove Lead from Drinking Water

The city-level solution is replacement and repair of corroding pipes.

At the household level, the simplest solution is using activated carbon filters to clean your water.

The fastest route to safeguarding your family is through home water filtration.

1. Get a Good Filter

It will take something better than a Brita pitcher, but nothing too crazy.

Our top choice is the Berkey Filters line of countertop systems.

  • The filters last for years rather than months.
  • You’re unlikely to break them (they’re steel, not plastic).
  • They filter out 99% of lead along with many other contaminants.

2. Enjoy Years of Lead-Free Water

Simply filter your water through a high quality system to protect your family from pollutants.

Want More Information on Seattle’s Water Contaminants?

Use the search bar to see what’s in your water and how to remove it:


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