Do Berkey Filters Remove Fluoride?

Do Berkey Filters Remove Fluoride

Yes! Berkey filters are effective at removing fluoride from most water supplies.

However, regular Berkey filters can’t do it alone.

You’ll need the Berkey Fluoride Water Filter – PF2. This attachment threads directly onto Black Berkey filters.

The PF2 helps you remove up to 97% of fluoride from your water. It removes:

  • Sodium fluoride
  • Sodium fluorosilicate
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Pre-oxidized Arsenic III and Arsenic V
  • MTBE
  • Other heavy metals

You can learn more about Berkey filters and options below:

Take Control of Your Water with Berkey Filters

What Else Does Berkey Do?

Berkey filters are great for removing a wide variety of viruses, chemicals, and trace elements in your water.

No other household water filter removes viruses.

  • Brita doesn’t remove viruses and costs 10 times as much per gallon.
  • PUR costs over 8 times as much as Berkey and doesn’t remove viruses.
  • Culligan water filters cost 5 times as much and don’t remove viruses.

Berkey filters last 60 times longer than Brita and PUR.

  • You can filter 6000 gallons through Berkey filters.
  • A single Brita or PUR filter will only last for 100 gallons.
  • Culligan filters last for 500 gallons.

Not Sure if You Have Fluoride in Your Water?

It’s very likely that you do. More than 80% of U.S. cities over 50,000 have fluoride treated water.

Seattle does. So does Las Vegas.

Fluoride is added to water supplies to support dental health. Without it, we would experience more tooth decay and our overall health would suffer.

However, you may not want to ingest fluoride from your water supply.

If you brush your teeth regularly, you’re already fortifying your enamel.

Want to Learn More About Your Water?

Use the search bar below to look up your city. You can then access your water quality report for free.


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