Why Are Berkey Filters So Expensive?

The price tag on Berkey filters may seem high when you compare it to Brita or PUR.

What you’re paying for is:

  • Longer lifespan – Berkey filters last 60 times longer.
  • Better filtration – Berkey filters reduce contaminants more effectively than water pitchers. They also filter out viruses.

While the price may seem high, it’s helpful to look at the cost per gallon.

Comparing Costs: Berkey vs. Brita and PUR

A Brita filter that needs to be replaced after 100 gallons costs 20 cents per gallon.

Berkey filters last for 6000 gallons and cost 2 cents per gallon. That’s 1/10 of the price.

PUR is similar to Brita at 17 cents per gallon. Each filter has a lifespan around 100 gallons.

Long Lifespan Means Fewer Filters

With a lifespan of 6000 gallons, you’ll have to switch out filters a lot less.

This creates less plastic waste (Brita and PUR rely on tons of plastic).

It also frees up your time for other things.

If you’ve ever had to rinse/activate a Brita or PUR filter, you know how slow this can feel.

Berkey Has Better Filtration

Berkey filters are better at removing lead from your drinking water.

They also remove viruses; something neither Brita or PUR can do.

Berkey filters also reduce chlorine, a common water disinfectant that isn’t good to drink.

With a secondary attachment, a Berkey can also remove fluoride from your water.

This is helpful if you have concerns about your city adding too much fluoride to the water supply.

Conclusion: Why Are Berkey Filters So Expensive?

It comes down to 3 things:

  • Their filters are more effective at removing contaminants.
  • The price per gallon is much lower. You’re overall costs are lower, too.
  • Berkey filters last a lot longer than Brita and PUR.

Interested in Taking a Closer Look at Berkey?

You can find more information directly from Berkey here.

Take Control of Your Water with Berkey Filters

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