Why Does Brita Water Tastes Like Plastic?

Brita Water Tastes Like Plastic

Brita water tastes like plastic because Brita filters and pitchers are made from plastic.

It seems like a simple answer, but it’s a question many people have.

Plastic Affects Flavors

Plastic is a porous material. This means it can transfer substances at a molecular level.

  • This transfer goes both ways. If you’re drinking from a plastic container, your drink can taste a little like plastic.
  • This also means that you’re ingesting small amounts of plastic every time you take a drink.

Plastic molecules aren’t digestible so you will luckily pass them without much trouble.

However, they can leave behind residual chemicals.

Over time, these can affect your health.

Reducing Plastic In Your Body

The quickest way to reduce plastic in your body is to not use it.

Don’t use it in cooking, food storage, or drinking.

This is especially important when it comes to cooking.

Every time you heat up plastic (microwaves count), you’re gradually breaking it down.

This breakdown makes it easier for your body to absorb it.

Are Plastic Brita Filters Making Me Sick?

That’s hard to say since effects from plastic consumption build over time.

However, it’s our belief that there’s no safe amount of plastic in a human body.

Aside from the environmental concerns, humans weren’t made to absorb this much petroleum. (Plastic is a petroleum product.)

Your best strategy for avoiding that plastic Brita water taste and its potential effects is:

  1. Don’t buy more plastic.
    • The less you buy, the less companies will produce.
  2. Drink from glass or stainless steel.
    • This includes your home water filter. There are stainless steel filter systems like Berkey that don’t have nasty plastic flavors.
    • Glass, for all intents and purposes, is a nonporous substance and doesn’t transfer flavors.

Conclusion: Brita Water Tastes Like Plastic? Get a Better Filter!

Stainless steel water filters aren’t as expensive as you may think.

If you consider the average filtering capacities, you can see which filter type comes out on top:

  • Brita filters last for up to 40 gallons depending on your level of contamination.
  • Berkey filters last for a minimum of 3,000 gallons.
  • That’s 75 times the capacity without needing to change it out.

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