Removing PFAS from Water

Removing PFAS from Water

Once you know it’s there, removing PFAS from water is a simple process.

At a bare minimum, you should be using a drinking water filter.

Your filter can be any of the following home filter types:

  • Brita-style pitcher/faucet-mount filter
  • Countertop system
  • Whole house filtration system

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Remove PFAS with Brita

Brita filters are rated to remove PFAS in drinking water.

Your standard Brita filter pitcher will do the job just fine.

Faucet-mounted filters will generally do better than pitchers.

However, these filters are limited in what else they can filter away.

Remove PFAS with a Berkey Countertop System

Take Control of Your Water with Berkey Filters
In order to remove more contaminants than Brita and PUR while also removing PFAS, you may want to consider Berkey Filters.

Each of their water filter systems sits on your countertop and provides up to 6000 gallons of PFAS-free water.

They are also effective at removing 99.99% of lead from your water, out of the box.

Getting a Big Berkey or other Berkey system ready to filter PFAS:

  • The process is the same as getting it ready to filter other contaminants.
    1. Assemble your stainless steel Berkey container.
    2. Prime the included Black Berkey filters.
    3. Install the Black Berkey filters.
    4. Perform the Red Dye Test – this ensures that your system was assembled properly.
    5. Prepare for use:
      1. Completely fill the upper chamber with cold or room temperature water.
      2. Allow all water to filter into the lower chamber.
      3. Discard this first batch of water.
      4. Refill the upper chamber, let it filter down, and enjoy clean, filtered drinking water.

Berkey solves your filtering problems in a cost-effective, long-lasting way that minimizes filter changes and costs less per gallon. (2 cents per gallon – Berkey vs. 20 cents per gallon – Brita)

If you 1) Own your home and 2) Want to remove the maximum number of contaminants, a whole house system may be a better option.

Remove PFAS with a Whole House Filtration System

Most, if not all, whole house systems will remove PFAS and related “forever chemicals.”

Whole house systems also remove the largest number of water contaminants.

Their price tags reflect their effectiveness and are well-worth it if you own your home.

Setup will vary with whole house water filtration systems. You will likely need a plumber or certified technician to install it.

At WaterBadge, we recommend Pentair Water Solutions.

Conclusion: Removing PFAS from Water

You have multiple options for removing PFAS and its family of “forever chemicals” from your water.

There are solutions for every budget and living situation:

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