How Long Do Big Berkey Filters Last?

How Long Do Berkey Filters Last

The Big Berkey water filtration system lasts for 6000 gallons.

Your standard Brita pitcher lasts for 100 gallons on a single filter.

  • To filter 6000 gallons with a Brita, it would cost you $627.
  • The Big Berkey costs $387.
  • This is a cost savings of $240. Not to mention the number of Brita filters you would need to buy: 60. That’s a lot of plastic waste.

PUR pitcher filters also only last for 100 gallons.

  • To filter 6000 gallons with a PUR pitcher, it would cost you $1037.
  • The Big Berkey costs $387.
  • This is a cost savings of $650. Like Brita filters, you would need to purchase 60 PUR filters to equal a single Big Berkey.

6000 Gallons – 3000 Days

Assuming you drink and consume 1 gallon of water a day and use 1 gallon for cooking, your Berkey can last up to 3000 days for one person.

That’s over 8 years on a single filter.

Do you need to replace a Berkey filter before the time limit? Nope!

Price Per Gallon

Berkey: 2 cents

Brita: 20 cents

PUR: 17 cents

Want to Learn More About Berkey?

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